I experimented with different crafts and mediums before settling into watercolour. For over twenty-five years I explored all aspects of weaving, spinning and dyeing, and taught classes for beginner weavers. These years were critical to my understanding of colour and design.

I began painting with watercolour lessons at the extension department of University of Alberta. I met Greg Swainson, an professional watercolourist and instructor, and have studied with him for the past 14 years. 

I love both the freedom and the challenge of working with transparent watercolour.  Many of my paintings are influenced by my love of the outdoors and of gardens and gardening. I have also authored and self-published five books on aspects of home gardening, and am planning to integrate my art with my writing in the next book.


I began writing to share what I enjoyed with other like minds. I  set up a blog where I could talk about my gardens, the plants I loved, and my adventures in landscaping our island home. As I wrote, I began to see how the articles could be expanded into something more.

At this time, I found a writing course, and traveled to North Carolina to participate. Encouraged by the instructor and my fellow students, my ventures into self-publishing began. With Amazon’s new Kindle Direct Publishing program I started with a small book about - of all things - Quinoa recipes, and it started selling!

Since that small start, I’ve written a longer recipe book, and four more that focus on growing and using herbs and general gardening resource topics, and compiled my mother's memoirs into a family book.

nicki goff