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Synchronous is my Word for Week 2


Quite a WOW this week, realizing how all we’re studying in the Master Key Experience is completely synchronous! Thanks, Mark and Davene; I know this is your deliberate intention but it really hit me this morning as I did my readings. It’s beginning to come together.


On Monday I started out writing about the gatekeeper of the subconscious, which led me down the path of how we, as parents and teachers, must be vigilant guardians of our own words (remember – words have power).

We’re also the guardians of the children in our lives and in our care.

As both a mother and a teacher, I know that we must be our own mental gatekeepers. The words we speak to our children have power. They have influence. They can make or break the self-image and self-confidence of our children. So we must constantly be vigilant gatekeepers of the words we use. We must also walk the talk, since actions often speak louder than words.

Our inner beliefs are revealed outwardly in our words and actions. If they are benevolent, then our words and actions will create a positive and loving environment for the children in our charge.guard-1293831_1280

On the other hand, if we speak harshly, denigrate, use force, anger and neglect to control or punish a child, then we are failing in our responsibility as either a teacher or a parent.

In this sense, we must see ourselves as not only gatekeepers of our own subconscious minds, but also surrogate gatekeepers or guardians of the minds of the children in our care.

What Else?

But somehow, as the week went on, I kept feeling I was missing something. So I kept reading, and this morning it hit me.

All this reading is Synchronous, including the webinar content. It is cleverly designed to work together, and all parts reinforce each other!

Og Madino says, “Herein lies the hidden secret… as I repeat the words daily they will soon become a part of my active mind, but more important, they will also seep into my other mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps…”

subconscious mind

The subconscious mind accepts all that is allowed to enter.

Haanel, in 2:7 talks about the enormous value of the subconscious mind, and later lets us know it has no powers of discrimination or reasoning, and that the “watchman at the gate”, must be vigilant in what is allowed to enter that vast repository of memory.

And then Mark’s webinar ties all that together – Words express our thoughts, and thoughts determine our actions. How wonderfully synchronous!

I’m beginning to love that word.

Synchronous Words and my DMP

And from that, on to writing and refining my DMP – now I understand how vitally important it is to create that new blueprint as vividly and accurately as I can. Thanks to my guide, Keith, for emphasizing how my words must be synchronous with my true desires and purpose.

And then keep reading it, three times a day, With Gusto.


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Terrence Neraasen says October 8, 2016

Ah Nicki I admire the way you integrate the knowledge and lessons of the Master Key Experience with your daily life. That is of course what this is all about but also taking it far ahead into a future you. The progression and synchronicity you already see just keeps on growing. Well done.

MasterKeyNatalieZ says October 9, 2016

Awesome! Beautifully said, I love seeing the synchronicity between my journey and others journeys. Seeing myself in your words and feeling positively earnest for the dreams and new blueprints we each are creating, planting, and growing.
What an amazing gift – thank you for sharing and shining 🙂

    Nicki says October 9, 2016

    Thank you for your words, Natalie.

Richard Barton says October 9, 2016

Wonderful that you get the connections. Beautiful thoughts about your children. One of my mentors says that we should consider all of our words as prayers.

    Nicki says October 9, 2016

    Richard, thank you. As a former teacher, I know the absolute power of the words we choose, and the imperative to keep them positive.

MARIO GUZMAN says October 10, 2016


You have a wonderful way of explaining your experience with the course. That’s awesome how you are able to see the connection of how all of the work we are doing comes together. It has opened my eyes to see it that way too. The truth is we are always influencing the younger people around us and especially our children. I will remember this the next time I am around my son to mind what I speak. Thank you for your share and experience.

Mario G

    Nicki says October 10, 2016

    Thanks, Mario for the kind words, and for visiting my site. This is quite a journey we’re on!

Espen Hagerup says October 10, 2016

Very good observations! I like your thoughts and I like the way you express them. Words have power!

    Nicki says October 10, 2016

    Thanks for visiting my site, Espen, and for commenting. I appreciate you!

Andrea says October 11, 2016

wonderful post Nicki and I love your connection between our role as surrogate gatekeepers and the children in our charge. As a parent and an early childhood educator words and actions hold so much weight and I am vigilant and this hit home. What your connection also did was remind me I too need to be vigilant with my own watchman as sometimes I am not as apt to care for myself as I care for others. Thank you, Dre.

    Nicki says October 11, 2016

    Thanks for reading and adding your comments, Andrea.

Cynthia says October 11, 2016

Very nice post dear Nicki ! Also very concerned by the words I use with my 2 daughters. Happy to be connected. Cynthia

    Nicki says October 11, 2016

    Thank you for reading, Cynthia. I love to share the ideas that bubble up through the week!

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