Franklin Makeover

The Franklin Makeover – Discipline in Week 15

Ever heard of the Franklin Makeover? No? I hadn’t either, until Mark explained it this week on the Sunday webinar. You can read more about it in Franklin’s autobiography. The Franklin Makeover Turns out Benjamin Franklin made a list of thirteen common qualities or moral virtues that people possess, along with definition of them. His […]

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persistence and perseverance

Persistence and Perseverance: Master Key Experience Week 14

What a wild three months since we began the Master Key Experience! With persistence and perseverance, we’ve committed to a DMP or Definite Main Purpose for our life, created a POA -plan of action to accomplish it, worked on a PMA or positive mental attitude to bring about positive changes,  and committed to daily actions to reinforce all of […]

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Winter Solstice

Solstice and Stillness: Week 13

Solstice – a Time of Transition Today is the Winter Solstice – December 21, 2016. Today, the sun “stands still” – (via Old French from Latin sōlstitium, literally: the (apparent) standing still of the sun, from sōl sun + sistere to stand still) and is on its zenith at the Tropic of Capricorn.  The deepest dark […]

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Empowerment: Master Key Week 12

What is empowerment? The Oxford dictionary defines it this way: Empowerment: The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Over the past two weeks, I have struggled with keeping up with the readings. I felt blocked and very uncreative – definitely not empowered! My thoughts were scattered, […]

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Persistence and Faith: Master Key Week 11

Two Essential Components of Success: Persistence and Faith I absolutely love this week’s Haanel lesson. It was tough going at first, but with persistence and faith, the meaning becomes crystal clear. Through examples in Science  (Leverrier noticing aberrations in the motion of Uranus, leading him to discover Neptune), Haanel leads us to his explanation of […]

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Congruency in Week 10

Congruency of Great Minds Haanel’s wisdom and the Blueprint Builder are in complete congruency this week. Together they let us know that all we desire will burst forth, blossom and grow if we use positive, concentrated thought to connect to the Universal Mind. The introduction to Part 10 emphasized the idea that thought is the cause […]

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Visualization = Growth: Week 9

Building a New Me with the Law of Growth Reading and studying weeks 7 and 8 in Haanel were critical to my  understanding the power of idealization and visualization by concentrating our thoughts on the things we desire. It’s by clearly and continually visualizing the end result that we will see the manifestation of those desires. Put no mental […]

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