mastery through meditation

Mastery Through Meditation: MKE Week 22B


Gaining Mastery Through Meditation

Many things we experience on a daily basis are beyond our control. But once we decide to take responsibility for how we think and react to them – we can change them for the better. Mastery through meditation is the key.

This month we’ve moved to Scroll Six – “Today I will be master of my emotions.”

mastery through meditationWhen I started reading this scroll, I didn’t feel in tune with it. It was hard to vocalize, and didn’t flow. I had felt for the last month a lot of ups and downs, which I talked about in my last post. I was definitely not the master of my emotions.

Since then, however, with the decision to answer some of the questions that were plaguing me, I’ve felt much more at peace with it. Sitting quietly with my thoughts after my readings (or often in the first few minutes after waking or the last minutes of the day while I’m in bed), and tuning in to the emotions around them has given me much needed clarity and calmness.

I listen to my recording of the Scroll first thing in the morning as I silently read it, and my mind says, “Yes – I can master my emotions!”

This quiet calm acceptance of my thoughts, without judging them, has helped transform how I feel about them. I’ve answered some of the questions I wrote down last week. My DMP is being revised to include those answers, and to place less importance on the goals that I realize came from my mind and not my heart.

mastery through meditation

Revisiting Haanel’s Master Keys

I have become re-inspired by going back through the first Haanel lessons.

Chapter Three reminded me to persist in my efforts to crystallize my thoughts and desires into actions, and so change the conditions of my life. Part Four reminded me to get to know my “I”, to connect to my true values and not waste time thinking useless or detrimental thoughts.

And Chapter Five reminded me of the value of doing a mental housecleaning. Not just one time, but as a continual clearing out of old useless habits and practices, leaving room to build new habits by using the three steps of having an earnest desire, asserting my claim to it and taking possession by believing it is already mine.

We must learn how to internalize all our desires and goals, to move them from our conscious thought to our subconscious mind. That’s when the belief happens.

Back to our current lesson, Haanel’s introduction to Lesson 22 states:

“Thoughts are spiritual seeds, which, when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow, but unfortunately the fruit is frequently not to our liking.”

And in 22:3:

“The question is, what are we thinking, what are we creating, what is the harvest to be?”

The past 2 weeks both Haanel and Mandino are in agreement: emphasizing that tuning in to the vibration of thought and changing our vibration is the way to master emotions and the conditions of life.

Whether those conditions are financial, spiritual, physical health, or social we have the power, if we choose to use it, to create whatever we desire by cultivating a calm and positive state of mind. It’s mastery through meditation – visualization and persistence and giving myself permission to change.

I love that I’m not alone on  this Master Key journey. I read other members’ posts, and often marvel at how far they’ve come. Other times I hear my inner self saying, “Yes, I feel that too – thank you for sharing your fears, your successes and your growth.”

I read the comments shared below my post, and know this group is where I’m meant to be at this time in my life.


Nicolette Goff


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