Lifestyle Tips from an Artist: Master Key Week 23

Lifestyle Tips for Art and Life

I’ve been painting with watercolours for several years, having a wonderful and fun time with this art. I’m still learning –  when do we ever stop learning?

Yesterday I was at my first art class of the spring session. We have a repeating group of around twelve to fifteen artists (or wannabe artists), and over the past few years we have become friends. Every spring, our instructor, Greg, invites us to host a sale of our work in his gallery. It’s a great boost to have another artist or a stranger – or even the instructor – buy a piece.

lifestyle tips - sunshine every day!

Put some sunshine into life! This early painting was scooped up by my daughter, Noelle.

Lifestyle Tips from an Artist

Greg started off our day by sharing a sheet of insights, lessons and guidelines to artists or wannabe artists, especially those having some frustration with their art. How closely they relate to all we have been learning and practicing over the past six months from the Master Key Experience and The Greatest Salesman.

As I read through the list, I could see that each of them applies not just to creating art and becoming a better artist, but also to creating the life we want, and becoming the person we intend to become.

I wanted to share some of these artist and lifestyle tips from Greg, an artist who lives his dream every day:

Lifestyle tips - be creative.

Create something wonderful every day.

  • Start every day at the same time. Every day now begins with giving thanks for the priceless gift of new day, and reading my lessons first thing. It’s before my first coffee, before my shower. I enjoy this quiet time with the door closed. It’s how I get my day on track.
  • Supplement your imagination with photos you’ve taken.  Actual pictures adorn my Movie Poster, some of them ones I’ve taken. The mental pictures my mind conjures as I read my DMP and meditate are just as important – they are my visualization of my life both now and in the future.
  • Keep asking yourself, “What could I be?” When doubts rise up, or when procrastination rears its head, the Question I ask myself is very similar: “What would the person I intend to become do now?”
  • Keep fresh – do not linger or anguish – embrace resistance. Having trouble writing your post this week? Is your old blueprint trying to assert itself? Embrace that resistance as you embrace your fears, guilts, anger, unworthiness and hurt feelings and use it as a tool rather than anguishing over it or lingering with the disruptive and self-destructive emotions.
  • Take joy and optimism to your growing mastery. I love to read posts in the Alliance. So many wonderful feelings and examples of growth and optimism are shared there. However small the victory, greet it with joy and know it’s just the first step to greater things.
  • Fall in love with the actual doing. Why do something you don’t love? Take pride in each written blog post, each new revelation that you have in your silence.
  • Accumulate your winners and toss your losers. Read through your index cards and realize once again how many wins you’ve had in life. Those memories you wrote down as the first index card assignment are your winners. We all have a few memories that we didn’t write down because we’d rather not think about them. Go back to those, forgive the person you were then, and toss out those losers.
  • Don’t listen to those who can’t be supportive. Not all family members or friends will support your desire to change. They may seriously inform you that your new MLM is ‘a cult’ and you’re on your way to damnation. Not everyone will be supportive, but you don’t have to toss them from your life –  unless they continually bring you down.
  • Use your intuition to assess your progress. Here is the strength of the sit or meditation. It’s where you listen to your intuition and receive the guidance of the Universal spirit that is within you.
  • Paint every day, even if its only for 15 minutes. Okay – I know you may not paint, but you likely have a passion for something that gives you happiness and joy. DO IT NOW 
lifestyle tips for artists

Life is Beautiful. Get out there and enjoy every precious moment.

And one final lifestyle tip from an artist I love and admire:

Be delusional – be full of moxie and mojo. Live joyously. Do something foolish and something brave every day. Grab on to life.

So there you have it – eleven insights, lifestyle tips and guides for artists – and anyone.

Greg ended his list with this: “If you do this every day, you’ll find out whether you’re cut out for it or not. If you’re not, that’s fine too – you’ll be able to get on with another side of your life.”

Please feel free to share!

Love to all,

Nicolette Goff


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Terry Neraasen says March 16, 2017

You do such a great job of R2A2 Nicki. Your instructor is someone I’d like to meet because he seems to have a great outlook on life. Teaching about making art at many levels in life. Nice post as usual.

    Nicki says March 16, 2017

    Thanks for reading, Terry! Greg’s a great guy and a very good artist – and from our area in Edmonton. Must be those prairie winters that make you want to add some colour to life!

Terry Neraasen says March 16, 2017

Oh I forgot to say “you are an accomplished artist as well as the author and entrepreneur I know you to be”. Nice job Nicki!

Dennis says March 17, 2017

Hey Nicki, thanks for posting the positive vibes with this article. I loved the bit Greg said about living life with passion – “Be delusional – be full of moxie and mojo. Live joyously. Do something foolish and something brave every day. Grab on to life.”

I have watched you unfold so much over the past few years with your paintings and enjoy them on display in our home. You’re a talented artist! I also love to see the commitment to your Master Key Adventure this year and look forward to attending the retreat in Kauai with you.

    Nicki says March 18, 2017

    Thanks, Den – you’re always an inspiration for me. Kauai, here we come!

Debbie Daniels says March 24, 2017

Sounds like everything we’ve gone through these last 26 weeks! Thanks for sharing!

    Nicki says March 24, 2017

    Yes, Debbie – All we’ve learned in MKE applies to all of our life experiences. I loved the congruency of Greg’s list with MKE.

    Nicki says March 24, 2017

    Yes, Debbie – All we’ve learned in MKE applies to all of our life experiences. I loved the congruency of Greg’s list with MKE.

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