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Winter Solstice Ceremony
This winter solstice ceremony is the perfect opportunity to let go of the past and begin creating your new future for[...]
Harmony or Discord?
Haanel also tells us that we must "BE" before we can "DO" and what we "ARE" depends on what we[...]
Universal Wisdom – Month 7 MKE
This powerful and wise thought arrived in my mailbox this morning as part of an article by my friend, Gary[...]
Embrace Change – A Journey: MKE Week 24
Learning to Embrace Change This path I have been traveling over the past 26 weeks has not been straight and broad.[...]
Lifestyle Tips from an Artist: Master Key Week 23
Lifestyle Tips for Art and Life I've been painting with watercolours for several years, having a wonderful and fun time[...]
Mastery Through Meditation: MKE Week 22B
  Gaining Mastery Through Meditation Many things we experience on a daily basis are beyond our control. But once we[...]
Emotional Rollercoaster: MKE Week 22
This past month has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Ups and downs, ins and outs, and sometimes feeling completely[...]
Imagination Leads to Creation: MKE Week 21
Imagination is the Beginning of Creation Imagination is my word for this week of the Franklin Makeover. I’m a voracious[...]
Love the Idea that Grabs You: Week 20 MKE
I recently added the Momentum app to my desktop. It greets me each morning as I log in to Chrome[...]
Power of Thought = Power to Change: MKE Week 19
Getting On Course with the Power of Thought Two questions were front and center every time I flipped through my[...]
Questions and Answers: Week 18 MKE
Questions and More Questions This week, I've asked myself some questions over and over. What would the person I intend to[...]
Is Your Life a Hero’s Journey? MKE Week 17-2
This week in the MKMMA we were introduced to the idea of Life as a hero’s journey. After watching Mark’s impassioned[...]
Permission and Belief – MKE Week 17
Permission and Belief Two words - permission and belief - with so much power for inner growth and change! It’s[...]
Kindness: Part One MKE Week 16
The Virtue of Kindness This week, we focus on kindness in our Franklin Makeover - random acts of kindness, deliberate[...]
The Franklin Makeover – Discipline in Week 15
Ever heard of the Franklin Makeover? No? I hadn’t either, until Mark explained it this week on the Sunday webinar.[...]
Persistence and Perseverance: Master Key Experience Week 14
What a wild three months since we began the Master Key Experience! With persistence and perseverance, we've committed to a[...]
Solstice and Stillness: Week 13
Solstice - a Time of Transition Today is the Winter Solstice – December 21, 2016. Today, the sun "stands still"[...]
Empowerment: Master Key Week 12
What is empowerment? The Oxford dictionary defines it this way: Empowerment: The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in[...]
Persistence and Faith: Master Key Week 11
Two Essential Components of Success: Persistence and Faith I absolutely love this week’s Haanel lesson. It was tough going at[...]
Congruency in Week 10
Congruency of Great Minds Haanel's wisdom and the Blueprint Builder are in complete congruency this week. Together they let us[...]