Harmony or Discord?

“Harmony in the world within will be reflected in the world without by harmonious conditions, agreeable surroundings, the best of everything.”

Charles Haanel

Haanel also tells us that we must “BE” before we can “DO” and what we “ARE” depends on what we think.

The question I have been asking myself is whether my mind is in  harmony with what I desire. Or is there some discord – are my thoughts not congruent with what I desire? I will be sitting with this in mind, then allowing my subconscious to let me know what’s been holding me back over the past few months.

I often wonder how many people truly believe that their future is entirely within their own control. Do I believe it? Haaanel tells us in Week One the secret is to be in harmony – our thoughts congruent with purpose and desires. This ‘certain way of thinking’ brings us into harmony with the Cosmic Mind, with the Energy to have desires manifested.

What we often don’t realize is that we are thinking in a way that is in discord with our true desires. If you want health, don’t think about pain or sickness – yours or someone else’s. If you desire to have more money flow toward you, then stop focusing on bills and your bank balance. This is wrong thinking, destructive thinking.

Stop it!

I’ve begun journaling each day, first thing in the morning, clearing my mind and allowing whatever comes to come.

This week, I’ll be looking back at my DMP from last year, and asking myself if I am in harmony with it, and if there is any feeling of discord, feeling that those statements are not congruent with what I truly desire in my life.

And I’ll be rewriting it so that I feel in harmony and accord with what I write.

Nicolette Goff


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Amy Swift says December 16, 2017

Your writing reached me deeply. Thank you.

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