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Thank you for stopping by. This is my Master Key Experience Journal.

Several years ago, on a rack in our local mall’s bookshop, I discovered a small paperback book by Shakti Gawain, titled “Creative Visualization.”creative visualization

The title intrigued me, and as I read through it, the idea of using my imagination to create what I wanted my life to become sounded appealing and tantalizing, but, well, let’s face it – pretty far out.

I played with the ideas and sporadically practiced them. What I didn’t realize was that my subconscious mind held a lot of limiting beliefs that were preventing me from stepping into my own dreams, instead of someone else’s.

But, somehow, over the years, that little book stuck in my mind.

What if I could make some positive changes in my life if I followed the exercises?

What changes did I want to make?

Could I even identify my dreams and envision my true purpose in  life?

…And of course, life, work and busyness got in my way, and that little book vanished from my night table.

But the belief that there could be more to life never vanished.

The Master Key Experience

I am now starting my own unique Hero’s Journey with the Master Key Experience, a powerful self discovery course with hands on guidance and challenging criteria.

This journal – one of the course requirements – shares my thoughts, my experiences, my trials and my breakthroughs as I commit to work through this intensive 26 week course. I don’t expect it to be easy – after all, I’ve got a lot of years (not sayin’ how many – lol) of past conditioning, beliefs and thought patterns that will challenge my desire to grow.

The Master Key, written in 1912 by Charles Haanel, sets out the powerful principles that most successful people use to become self-directed thinkers and action takers.

Mark J. has taught this system for years, and he says: “It requires work, the kind of work that creates change within… and, by extension, change without.”

I’m up for the challenge.

Stick with me, and follow me on my journey.

About Nicki Goff

Teacher, gardener, author, painter – following my heart and expanding my awareness of all that is possible in life.

Nicki GoffCurrently living on beautiful Vancouver Island, I love to travel to places off the beaten path. Hiking with my husband, painting, writing, cooking and having fun with our two daughters and 3 grandchildren rank high on my list of favorite activities.

I grew up on a small farm (one of 9 children) in BC’s Rockies. The entire family participated in growing, weeding and harvesting over an acre of organic vegetables every year, as well as a small herb and strawberry garden and a currant patch loaded with red, white and black currants and gooseberries. Gardening naturally led to an interest in cooking healthy meals.

I have had the fun and satisfaction – and hard work – of designing and planting both vegetable and ornamental gardens at three different homes over the years. By creating these gardens, I learned constantly, was blessed to share my love of nature’s beauty and perfection not only through my gardens, but in the articles, blog posts, and gardening books I have written and in my paintings.

My early career was as a teacher and school librarian. I still love reading and sharing children’s books with my grandchildren, and confess to reading over 300 books a year.