winter solstice ceremony

Winter Solstice Ceremony

This winter solstice ceremony is the perfect opportunity to let go of the past and begin creating your new future for 2018. All of those old resentments, heartaches, blocked energy, unhealthy patterns, ineffectual habits—bring them with you into the fire ceremony we’ve outlined below. This ritual is a way to shine light on those shadows and […]

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Harmony or Discord?

Haanel also tells us that we must “BE” before we can “DO” and what we “ARE” depends on what we think. The question I have been asking myself is whether my mind is in  harmony with what I desire. Or is there some discord – are my thoughts not congruent with what I desire? I […]

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Embrace change

Embrace Change – A Journey: MKE Week 24

Learning to Embrace Change This path I have been traveling over the past 26 weeks has not been straight and broad. Rather, learning to embrace change and welcome it has taken me through the twists and turns of a forest of ingrained habits, beliefs and memories. It has brought me to clearings where rays of light and inspiration have […]

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Lifestyle Tips from an Artist: Master Key Week 23

Lifestyle Tips for Art and Life I’ve been painting with watercolours for several years, having a wonderful and fun time with this art. I’m still learning –  when do we ever stop learning? Yesterday I was at my first art class of the spring session. We have a repeating group of around twelve to fifteen […]

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mastery through meditation

Mastery Through Meditation: MKE Week 22B

  Gaining Mastery Through Meditation Many things we experience on a daily basis are beyond our control. But once we decide to take responsibility for how we think and react to them – we can change them for the better. Mastery through meditation is the key. This month we’ve moved to Scroll Six – “Today […]

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emotional rollercoaster

Emotional Rollercoaster: MKE Week 22

This past month has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Ups and downs, ins and outs, and sometimes feeling completely upside down were the norm. Questions, questions – I seem to be questioning everything I believed was true. Why? Could it be that my birthday is coming up, and I’ve realized I’m entering what’s likely […]

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